STEELDEC S.A. has striven to specialize in the development and manufacturing of biomedical products that require precision and fidelity. Its portfolio of already made products has more than a thousand components that can be briefly grouped in:

  • Titanium dental implants
  • Titanium Prosthetic Attachments for dental implants
  • Calcinable attachments for dental implants
  • Bronze additives for dental laboratories
  • Stainless steel surgical equipment
  • Stainless steel prosthetic equipment
  • Titanium screws for orthopedics and traumatology
  • Other devices for medical use or of laboratory

Besides, your tailor-made project is supported by a company oriented to keeping quality control and traceability of all the processes that go along with the products through their production chain, taking care of every detail, which is considered as core for our customers’ satisfaction.

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